A creative living on Block Island on/off most of their life, Eli is a hybrid wedding photography/videographer. Bringing on that extra 2 energy, their heart sank into creating a space for photographers to grow, learn, and thrive on Block Island. Coming in the door with no idea what photography even is? Let's chat. A seasoned pro? Come teach Eli, and pick their brain. 

Owner of Seas Mtns Co, Eli can often be found at the Studio, or off photographing a couple deep in love.  If you're lucky, you'll catch them out in the wild sipping on kombucha at Persephone's or sitting on the beach watching sunrise.


About eli

The Studio is a full service film photography lab on Block Island. Want to borrow a camera? Let's set you up with a rental that works for you. Looking for film? We might even have some 400h kicking around. Been dying to try film souping? Let's grab some clam chowder from Rebecca's and give it a spin. We're here to support you as a thriving, and fueled artist.

Seasonally we offer a film CSA, picking from expired, and experimental films (as well as some classic stocks) for both 35mm or 120mm.  Thought about trying out Super 8? Come give it a whirl.  Like we said, we're here to support you as a thriving, fueled, curious artist.